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Live Show Recording

Audiovisual Production

From 1.195€/Project*
*excl VAT

On quote

A product to market, an event to promote, an interview to share, a team to encourage?

A promo movie? A product placement for web/tv/social medias? An after event movie, or an employer brand to boost with great visuals, dynamic sound and music, graphics/subtitles/cinematic looks?

At Velvet-Note Production, you describe what you need and you get what you want!


Great Video Quality
Our two 4k Sony Alpha Camera Systems produce incredibly sharp images.
Sony Lenses with aperture 1.8 have a great depth of field with a soft background.
The Eye Tracking Autofocus System will make sure the subjects are in focus when needed.

Professional Lighting

Soft light, daylight warm or cold, colour light, even lighting or cinematic dramatic shadows, we design the ambiance you need!

Where is the shooting taking place? 

From your business location, our studio or to the streets of Barcelona, we have it covered!
All our equipment is compact and mobile, battery LED lights, stabilisers, traveling ramps and more.

Everything, anywhere!

Velvet-Note has all the post-production facilities. You need subtitles too? Not a problem!
Editing, animating, sound recording/edit/mixing, colour grading, master files.
Don't wait weeks for delivery, we deliver fast and start working on it just after the production!

The Techs.
From a small production to a more complex setup, we are flexible on the number of techs needed.

Flexible hours
We know most of your projects are outside working hours, that's why we offer a flexible plan - just ask!

Any questions? Just give us a shout!


Live Stream Broadcast

Support your speech with the quality it deserves!

4k multi-Cameras, seamless audio, appealing lighting, elegant setting. Keep your audience's attention in our studio in the heart of Berlin, at your office or at your desired location.

From 195€/h

Film Set

Audiovisual Production

Your business looks better in video!


Show what you do, share what you do, translate your vision in videos. From product placement to employer branding, it is essential to display your aspiration!

From 1.195€/Project

Woman on Podium

Conferences & Events

Create teasers, interviews, or after movies of all your events!

Branding your events is crucial, and recording it to use as the next branding is essential!

From 245€/h

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