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About Us

At Velvet-Note, we help local people and businesses create great video content, advertising materials and live broadcasts to reach audiences in creative ways.

Developing flexible and affordable professional solutions has been the reason to create Velvet-Note in 2020.
We've been working in audiovisual and advertising for the past 20 years, our passion for delivering quality media is the center of our attention. On top of the service, we provide expertise and advice in every media range.

With excellence at the heart of what we do, we are passionate about delivering fast quality services and incredible images for your business. Our dedicated team will look after every detail, ensuring that everything is covered to achieve your goals, giving you that stress free experience you’re looking for.

We want to help you enhance your experience so you can achieve your desired results.
With a wide range of services, we will provide a unique solution to create the best performance.

Give your business the visual it deserves!

Frederic Siroul
Manager at Velvet-Note

Film Equipment
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