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Live Stream Broadcast

An important video call, a conference talk, a live TV interview?

Support your speech with the quality it deserves!

4k Multi-Cameras, seamless audio, appealing lighting, elegant setting. Keep your audience's attention in our studio in the heart of Barcelona, at your office or at your desired location.

in the heart

of Barcelona!


Audiovisual Production

Your business looks better in video!


Show what you do, share what you do, translate your vision in videos. From product placement to employer branding, it is essential to display your aspiration!

Conferences & Events

Create teasers, interviews, or after movies of all your events!

Branding your events is crucial, and recording them to use as the next branding is essential!

Portrait of a Man

Developing connection tools to facilitate communication is key to business interactions!

Frederic Siroul
Manager at Velvet-Note

video camera conference

About Us

Developing flexible and affordable professional solutions has been the reason to create Velvet-Note in 2020.
We've been working in audiovisual and advertising for the past 20 years, our passion for delivering quality media is the center of our attention.


Calle de Paris 143
+34 691079610 

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