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Video Camera


From 195/Hour*

*excl VAT
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An important video call, a conference talk, a live TV interview?

A noise free environment? No traffic, no kids, no pets, no distraction! 
Good video quality, good sound, good set.

At Velvet-Note Production, you can focus, you sound good and you look great!



Great Video Quality
Our dual Sony Alpha Camera System will make you look awesome.
Sony Lenses with aperture 1.8 will give a great depth of field with a soft background.
The Eye Tracking Autofocus System will make sure you're always in focus.

Professional Lighting

Soft light, daylight warm or cold, colour light, even lighting or cinematic dramatic shadows. 
You choose the ambiance, we bring the solution!

Include Medias

Powerpoints, movies, audio samples? Include LIVE all your necessary medias to your presentation, from your own laptop or from our broadcast system, plug and play.

Setting and props
Sit in a comfy armchair, relax on a stool or charismatically stand.
Need a working desk, a coffee table, a cosy lamp or a few plants in the shot? We have it covered!


Adaptable Diverse Background.

From fashion plain white to cosy living room or sleek office, we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

Make it look like you're there!

Dual Camera.
Use a second Sony Alpha Camera for a close shot of your product or for a larger angle.
Or break the visual routine by including a side cinematic view of your speech to your stream.
This can be done Live during your broadcast!

You have a long speech? No worries!
Give us your text file and we'll place it in the prompter.

A private bathroom with shower for changing and make-up.
A waiting room incl. coffee and refreshments.

We have the best Gigabite connection available in Barcelona. No flaws, no drops!

The Tech.
We will assist you to make sure it's all going well during the broadcast.
But if you need privacy, we can let it roll on its own.

Flexible hours.
We know international calls are often outside working hours, that's why we offer a flexible plan - just ask!

All of this can be done Live during your broadcast!
All performances can be recorded for further streaming!

Any questions? Just give us a shout!


Live Stream Broadcast

Support your speech with the quality it deserves!

4k multi-Cameras, seamless audio, appealing lighting, elegant setting. Keep your audience's attention in our studio in the heart of Berlin, at your office or at your desired location.

From 195€/h


Audiovisual Production

Your business looks better in video!


Show what you do, share what you do, translate your vision in videos. From product placement to employer branding, it is essential to display your aspiration!

From 1.195€/Project


Conferences & Events

Create teasers, interviews, or after movies of all your events!

Branding your events is crucial, and recording it to use as the next branding is essential!

From 245€/h

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